Using outsourced website testing services

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Using outsourced website testing services

What is it you need?

This really depends on your specific requirements, and where the start and end points are.

No doubt testing will be involved at some point, and perhaps that’s all you’ll need. But you might require more from outsourcing...

  • Typically before testing there will be discussions, planning, reviews of documentation, user story writing, estimates given, and test plans prepared.
  • During testing there will be bug reporting. Fixed bugs will need to be re-tested to ensure that they have been fixed, and regression testing is also likely to be required.
  • After testing it is normal to have summaries or reports written up, and in addition there may be summary (or retrospective) meetings to attend.

So it very much depends on your own requirements as to how much involvement your outsourced testing resources get involved with other tasks besides the actual testing.

Access, IDs, Promo Codes, etc

Access to test environments

To enable testing to take place, access to offline testing environments may be required. Understandably most organisations don't provide access to just anyone without good reason, and sometimes that access can take a while to be approved and set up. It's therefore worth planning ahead to avoid delays at your end with admin work and access approval.

Test cards and accounts

Testing can often require test credit card numbers to be provided, and possibly access to test profile accounts which may have already been set up for specific customer types or personas.

Promo codes

If offers, promotions and discounts are to be tested, there may need to be discount codes provided which also have their limitations of use made clear so they can be effectively tested.

Remember too that test cards, IDs and accounts access may be different in a development and Qual environments compared to pre-production and live environments.

Bug tracking tool

Access to your bug tracking tool is also likely to be needed. Sometimes a shared ID can suffice, but that doesn't provide traceability if it's used by more than one person.

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