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Customers, Personas and User Stories ⇨

What are personas, and how can they help us focus on what our customers want from our websites and our businesses?  ⇨

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Do I need a mobile friendly website? ⇨

The importance of websites and web pages being mobile friendly, and the consequences of not having mobile friendly web pages. ⇨

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What is a responsive website? ⇨

What is a responsive website? Why do some websites work better on some devices and not others? Why does my website take ages to display on a mobile phone? ⇨

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Websites That Add Value ⇨

How can a website add value to my business? Is saving money on a cheap website a good idea? Why are some websites cheaper than others? Do you need a web designer who understands your business? ⇨

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Page Speed and Website Builders ⇨

Why is my website slow? What can I do to speed up my website? Are WordPress and Wix as good as they claim? Should I use a website builder to build my own website, or should I get a web agency to build it? This article might help...  ⇨

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The Importance of Page Speed ⇨

Why is my website slow? What can I do to speed up my website? How can I test the speed that my web pages load? This brief article should help answer some of these questions.  ⇨

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Are Cheap Websites Good Value? ⇨

How much does a website cost? Why are websites so cheap? How can professional websites be produced for such a low cost?  ⇨

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What is a Website Builder? ⇨

What is a website builder? Are website builders free? Are website builders any good? ⇨

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Daron Harvey, motor racing fan and owner of Targa Web Services

About the author: Daron Harvey started building websites and working on SEO in 1996. From 2000 spent 20 years in eCommerce, project managing and maintaining global multi-lingual websites. Subsequently founded Targa Web Design, specialising in website design, UX and SEO.

Web Design Blogs and Articles Web Design Blogs and Articles