Reviews and Testimonials

Read what others say...

Read what others say...

Targa always puts the customer first, and we are really grateful when they take time out to comment or send feedback.

Thank you!

We really appreciate it when people take time out to comment or send feedback.

Reviews and Testimonials

Really good professional service. I had my car repair website built from scratch, and Targa handled everything from the styling, colour scheme, photos, and all the search engine work. I didn't want to have to do my own updates but Daren deals with that so easily that I don't have to worry about it. Always good for help and advice too.

IP - Spalding

Really happy with my site. Darren was really helpful from the get go offering plenty of advice and is quick to do updates. Nice bloke.


Until you took over my website I never had so many people contacting me.

PC - Holbeach

Wow this guy knows his stuff - my website was very basic, NOW it is interactive and clients can message me via the site, I get a notice that an email has arrived on my phone so I can get back to them straight away. This has made a big difference to my business. Great job Daron - thanks.


Really impressed with what you've done. Good job. Let's arrange to review progress and any updates every three months.

DH - Sleaford

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Reviews and Testimonials Reviews and Testimonials
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