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Targa Web Services boasts more than 26 years experience in designing, building, managing and evolving websites.

26 years experience

Websites for Small Businesses

If you have a small business and need a professionally designed and managed website for your business, Targa Web Services can help.

Take a look at our websites for small businesses options, which can start with a fixed price package or a more comprehensive bespoke web design solution.

Responsive web design by Targa Web Services

Websites for the Trades

Our small business website solutions are ideal for the trades, and therefore we can create websites for electricians, websites for plumbers and many other trades professionals.

As a tradesperson I'm sure you will appreciate that the competition is very high for searches on Google for Electrician in Peterborough or Plumber in Huntington so it is very important for your website to rank as high as possible in search results. We therefore design and build our websites with SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) in mind right from the start.

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Motorsports Website Design

Web design for motorsports usually requires a very different approach to designing business websites, whether it be websites designed for racing drivers or websites for motorcycle racers.

Motorsports websites tend to be very visual and stylish in order to help build brand and profile, to provide a platform for sponsors, and help keep fans and followers engaged.

Take a look at our dedicated Motorsports Website Design site to see if Targa can help.

Responsive web design by Targa Web Services

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Front end web development

Most of the work we do is what is known as front end development.

In everyday language, a front end developer specialises in the visual layouts for websites, writing the code which will make the pages work in web browsers, producing web graphics for images and logos, and ensuring that all pages display correctly on all screen sizes, including mobile phones.

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The importance of good website design

We all visit many websites to view or purchase products or services, research things, or just to browse for fun. And like you, we come across really good websites, and some which can be pretty frustrating, as they might be slow to load, hard to read, or make it almost impossible to find what you’re looking for.

There will be readers of this page who intend building their own websites using WordPress or Wix, and some who want to commission experienced freelance web designers or web design agencies to build their websites.

Regardless of which direction you want to take, it would be worth having a concise list of things you should take into account. So we have put together a website design checklist to help you understand some of the key principles of good website design.

Your website should be designed for your customers

Your website from a customer's perspective

Whoever creates your website, one very important aspect is to put yourself in your customers shoes.

If you can try to forget the in-house jargon you might use in your profession, stop considering what might be obvious to you, and just view your website with fresh eyes and with the range objectives that different customers might have, you might stand a better chance of converting potential customers to buying customers.

We provide a user experience testing service precisely for this purpose.

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Do we use Website Builders such as WordPress?

Yes, we can create a website for you with WordPress, but WordPress is not the solution for every need, and other options are also worth considering before you commit.

WordPress is a very good tool for producing certain kinds of websites without the designer having to possess any coding skills, but this convenience during the build process can come at a cost as so many websites built in this way are slow, and do not load well on mobile devices.

This is often due to a lack of experience, understanding and attention to detail, so consideration should be given when choosing who to build your website.

Many web designers don't understand web code!

If your preference is to have a WordPress website, don’t just look for a web designer who can place images and words into a WordPress template.

You should look for a web designer who has a sufficient understanding of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and also PHP (the coding language that WordPress is written in).

This will be to your advantage as you should end up with a quicker loading better quality website, and the designer should have the ability to evolve your website and overcome problems when they happen.

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WordPress or Code? What's the best solution?

Because our experience in designing and creating websites began long before WordPress and Wix appeared, we know how to build websites which load more quickly than many websites produced with website builders, and offer greater flexibility for future design or expansion requirements.

Which web design option would we recommend?

The honest answer is that it depends very much on you, your customers, your business and what you want to achieve.

  • WordPress becuase it happens to be the most popular?
  • WebFlow because it can produce very clean uncluttered code?
  • Wix because they claim it can do everything?
  • A hand coded website because it could provide greater flexibility?
  • Do you want or need a CMS (contant management system)?
  • Do you want to be able to update your own website or have us take care of it for you.
  • Do you want to be able to update content?
  • Do you want to be able to add or remove your own pages or blogs?
  • Will you want the ability to update meta tags, etc., for SEO purposes?
  • Do you want Twitter posts to display on your website? If so, all posts or just selected posts?

So many questions, needs and options, but a simple discussion should help us to determine the best approach.

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A selection of other Targa managed websites

Examples of different web image sizes

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Examples of different web image sizes

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Want to read more to help you decide?

Check out this article on website builders to understand more about the advantages and disadvantages of having your website built on these platforms.

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