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Web design principles checklist

Building your own website? Here are some guidelines and recommendations of things you should consider.

Read more about things to consider for your website.

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What is User Testing?

New website? New page? New marketing campaign? Have you tested them to see what potential customers REALLY think?

Read more about user testing.

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Do I need a website if I'm on Facebook?

Many small businesses use Facebook as their main platform to reach new customers, so why would you need a business website?

Read more about websites and social media.

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Is your website slow to load?

Websites are often slow because of the way they have been built, so if your website is struggling to display, here are some possible reasons why.

Read more about slow websites.

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Selecting images for web pages

How to avoid some of the most common pitfalls when selecting and applying images to your web pages.

Read more about preparing website images.

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Customers, Personas and User Stories

What are personas, and how can they help us focus on what our customers want from our websites and our businesses?

Read more about personas and user stories.

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Responsive Websites - Speed

Poorly designed responsive websites can cause major speed issues on mobile!

Read more about responsive websites.

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Do I need a mobile friendly website?

The importance of websites and web pages being mobile friendly, and the consequences of not having mobile friendly web pages.

Read more about mobile friendly websites.

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Websites That Add Value

How can a website add value to my business? Is saving money on a cheap website a good idea? Why are some websites cheaper than others? Do you need a web designer who understands your business?

Read more about good value web design.

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Page Speed and Website Builders

Why is my website slow?
What can I do to speed up my website?
Why are many WordPress websites slow?

Read more about using website builders.

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The Importance of Page Speed

Why is my website slow? What can I do to speed up my website? How can I test the speed that my web pages load? This brief article should help answer some of these questions.

Read more about the importance of page speed.

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Cheap Websites - Are there hidden costs?

How much should a website cost? Why are websites so cheap? How can professional websites be produced for such a low cost?

Read more about the importance of page speed.

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What is a Website Builder?

What is a website builder?
Are website builders free?
Are website builders any good?

Read more about the importance of page speed.

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Web Design and SEO Resources

A selection of links to resources and posts related to web design, SEO, etc.

Read more about web design and SEO.

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Daron Harvey, motor racing fan and owner of Targa Web Services

About the author: Having begun building websites back in 1996, Daron Harvey has been professionally involved in website design, UX and eCommerce best practices for over 26 years, including product management and maintaining multi-lingual websites largest global corporations. During the global pandemic, Daron left the corporate world behind and founded Targa, specialising in Website Design, User Experience (UX/UI) and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

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