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Web design case study - DHBathrooms

Find out how I took over an existing website for a new client, improved and optimised it, and helped it to generate more leads for his business.

Find out how I took over an existing website and helped it to generate more leads for the business.

How I rebuilt the website ⇨

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Cheap websites - What can you expect?

A low cost website could save you money and be ideal if you want something simple and your business doesn't depend on it. But be aware of what you might get!

Cheap websites - What to expect

Low cost web design ⇨

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International ecommerce websites

Some advice for businesses engaged in international ecommerce from a guy with more than 20 years in the industry.

Some advice for businesses engaged in international ecommerce.

International eCommerce ⇨

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Web design principles checklist

Here are some guidelines for building a website which could prove useful, whether you're building your own website or having someone else do it for you.

Here are some guidelines and things to consider when building a website.

Web Design Guidelines ⇨

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What is User Testing?

One of the mains benefits of website user testing is to find out what visitors to your website really think. Is it intuitive enough for people to use? Will they stay and buy, or leave in frustration?

New website or marketing campaign? What do customers really think?

What is User Testing? ⇨

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Website or Facebook? Do I need both?

Why do many businesses also have a website if they're already on Facebook? Having a website and Facebook page has its benefits, as they both have their strengths and could really help to broaden your reach.

Why would you want a website AND a Facebook page?

Website or Facebook? ⇨

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Is your website slow to load?

Websites can often be slow because of the way they have been built. Some causes of poor website speed are discussed here. You'll be pleased to know that some of the fixes are pretty simple!

Websites are often slow because of the way they have been built.

Poor Website Speed ⇨

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Preparing images for websites

Even though most websites are responsive (designer fit multiple screen sizes), poor image use on websites is a common problem which can cause problems with pay layout and page load times.

How to avoid some common pitfalls when selecting website images.

Using Images on Websites ⇨

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Buyer Personas and User Stories

How can buyer personas help us focus on what our customers want from our websites and our businesses?

How customer personas can help us focus on target customers.

Buyer Personas ⇨

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Responsive websites. What are they?

Learn what responsive websites are, and get to understand some of the common problems which many web designers overlook which building websites.

What are responsive websites and why are they important?

Responsive Websites ⇨

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Is your website mobile friendly?

With over 80% of internet users using mobile devices to surf the web, not having a mobile friendly website could be losing you business.

Not having a mobile friendly website could be losing you business.

Mobile Friendly Websites ⇨

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Why page speed is important

Let's understand why page speed is important some of the things you can do to improve how quickly your website loads.

Why is my website slow? What can I do to speed up my website?

Web Page Speed ⇨

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Website builders and slow web pages

Why are many websites which have been built with web page builders such as WordPress and Wix slow and don't work well on mobiles?

Why do many WordPress websites not work well on mobiles?

Slow Page Builder Websites ⇨

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Websites That Add Value

Can a cheap website really save me money and add value to my business?

Can a website add value to my business?

The Value of a Cheap Website ⇨

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Cheap Websites - Are there hidden costs?

What is the cost of a website and why are some websites so cheap whilst others cost many £1000's?

How much should a website cost?

Cheap Websites ⇨

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What is a web page builder?

There are many no code website builders or web page builders available. Some are free with restrictions, some have tiered monthly charges, but all have limitations. Let's explore...

What is a website builder? Are website builders free?

What is a Web Page Builder ⇨

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Web form security

How can unscrupulous and malicious web form submissions be reduced or managed?

How does Targa handle web forms containing malicious content?

Web Form Security ⇨

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Know your H1 and TITLE tags

Even just a little understanding about the importance of H1 and TITLE tags can have an impact on website's search engine performance.

The H1 and TITLE tags have a lot of influence on your search engine results.

H1 and TITLE tags ⇨

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Should you display prices on your website?

If a potential customer is trying to find out how much you charge, wouldn't it help if you were to display prices on your website ?

Should you display prices on your website?

Displaying prices ⇨

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Web Design and SEO Resources

A selection of links to recommended websites, posts and resources relating to web design SEO, etc.

Links to selected websites, posts and resources about web design and SEO.

Web Design Resources ⇨

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