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A selection of web design posts on website creation

Writing quality website content

Your website's content is vital for not only your customers, but also for SEO.

Read more about writing quality web content.

SEO Posts and Articles

Web content that your customers want

What do your customers need to help them make a decision on their first visit to your website?

Read more about coming up with ideas for website content.

SEO Posts and Articles

Know your H1 and TITLE tags

These two tags can have a lot of influence on how your website performs in search engine results, and therefore they can have quite an impact on the amount of visitors your website gets.

Read more about H1 and TITLE tags.

SEO Posts and Articles

Web Design and SEO Resources

A selection of links to resources and posts related to web design, SEO, etc.

Read more about web design and SEO.

SEO Posts and Articles

Daron Harvey, motor racing fan and owner of Targa Web Services

About the author: Having begun building websites back in 1996, Daron Harvey has been professionally involved in website design, UX and eCommerce best practices for over 26 years, including management of large multi-lingual global websites. Following the global pandemic Daron founded Targa Web Services, specialising in Website Design, Search Engine Optimisation, User Experience (UX/UI), etc.

SEO Posts and Articles SEO Posts and Articles
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