Web Design Prices

How much does a website cost?

Fixed price, low cost, bespoke websites or WordPress? Whichever you decide, Targa offer professional web services and expertise at very affordable rates.

Web Design Prices

Great value professional web design

Our aim is to always provide great value professional website design and aftercare services, whilst basing our prices on competitive rates in the UK for the levels of experience, knowledge and service provided.

But great value does not always mean the cheapest rate, and neither does the cheapest rate mean good value, as it could cost you in other ways!

Think beyond the website

It is important to remember that having a website built is just part of the process.

Not only does your website need to effectively represent your brand and services as well as help to generate sales and leads, there is also some very important work to be done besides actually building your website.

To get an idea of what additional work is typically undertaken, take a look at the list of steps we take even for our fixed price introductory website package. (see below)

Fixed price web design package

Even our fixed price introductory web design package includes the following:

  1. Discussions by phone and email to clarify what your needs are.
  2. Communication of a checklist of things you would need to provide (typically content, photos, logos, etc)
  3. Discussion of page layout options, branding, colour schemes, subject matter to be covered on specific pages, etc.
  4. Re-sizing, preparation and optimisation of images. We usually produce multiple versions for use with different screen sizes, including mobile.
  5. Build draft version of website including mobile version. This will also include additional meta tag descriptions and imaging for Open Graph tags for use in social media posts, etc.
  6. Upload draft version onto a holding area on the web server.
  7. We test the uploaded website on different screen sizes and devices, and resolve any display issues, etc. This is not just an extensive manual website test, but we also use analysis tools which are designed to report broken links, missing images, etc., and generally test the overall integrity of the website and page structure.
  8. Test that feedback form works correctly. This includes checking that any information entered is correctly received by email, and also testing specific form fields which expect certain types of data to be entered. For example there would be a test to check whether someone has entered a correctly formatted email address, and there would need to be a response message displayed to the customer if that validation fails.
  9. Provide you with a temporary link so you can test your new website on your own laptops, tablets and mobile devices before it goes live to the public.
  10. Discuss and implement any issues or minor changes you feed back to us.
  11. Once you are happy with your website we will:
    • set up your own domain and hosting.
    • upload the final version of your website to your hosting area and re-test.
    • run your website through testing and analysis tools to verify that your website is functioning correctly, and take care of any issues found.
    • set up an account with Google Search Console for the management of the individual pages of your website.
    • apply Google’s tracking tag to each page of your website.
    • submit your website and business details to Google my Business and communicate to you how you can manage your own business information such as services, hours of operation, etc., in your Google my Business account.
    • submit your website to other search engines such as Bing and Yahoo.
  12. We periodically monitor your website throughout a 30 days period with Google, and tweak as necessary to maximise your effectiveness in search results for the keywords and search terms you will have already provided us.

ALL of the above is included in our fixed price web design package so check it out here.

Bespoke websites and additional web services

We can of course build bespoke websites, and also offer additional services including search engine optimisation, Google Analytics and user testing.

Without prior knowledge and initial discussion about your business and the intended purpose, size and structure of your website, it is simply not possible to provide a guide price, but all of our services are offered at competitive rates, and quotations can be provided on request.

Service, support and attention to detail

The above list, even for our introductory package, reflects the level of service, support and attention to detail we take.

So whether you need us to build you a website or provide other services for SEO, analytics, testing or consultancy work, you can be assured of getting good value.

Driven by low prices

Understandably many potential clients are price driven and are influenced by some rock bottom prices they have seen advertised through social media.

The reality is that if Targa was to join this price race to the bottom, standards would inevitably drop because corners would have be cut so we could mass produce more cheap websites in order to make a sustainable living.

The level of service you deserve

I simply do not believe that such a reduction in support and professional interaction will leave you satisfied as a customer and confident that you're in good hands, unless your main objective is to get a website built as cheaply as possible.

A cheap website could cost you in other ways

You get what you pay for. After all, if you're paying for a professional web design service, that's exactly what you should expect, and that's what we expect to provide. Nothing less.

Get in Touch

If you would like to discuss anything further, feel free to reach us by email or phone as follows:

Email: daron@targaweb.com     Phone: 01406 373511

Web Design Prices Web Design Prices