Web Design Prices

How much does a website cost?

Completely transparent web design prices

Targa believes in being completely transparent about web design costs.

Our fixed price web design package offers great value, or we can quote for a fully customised bespoke website.

Web Design Prices

Great value professional web design

Our aim is to always provide great value professional website design and aftercare services, but great value does not always mean the cheapest, and nor does the cheapest mean good value.

To provide cheap web design services would make it necessary to cut corners, but 26 years experience of building and maintaining websites has shown that cutting corners can be costly in other ways including:

  • professionalism
  • reputation
  • credibility
  • reliability
  • poor customer experience
  • loss of business
  • your website not be found in search engine results

A cheap website could cost you in other ways

Think beyond the website

It is important to remember that having your website built is just the beginning.

In many cases your website will need to effectively represent your brand and services, and help to generate leads and sales. To achieve this there is some very important work to be done besides actually building your website.

This will typically include:

You, your intentions and requirements

Requirements discussion

  • Discussions to clarify what your needs and objectives are.
  • Discussion of page layout ideas and styling options.

The process

  • Preparing wireframe layouts.
  • Build draft versions of initial web pages including mobile version.
  • Upload draft versions onto a holding area on the web server where:
    • we can test for functionality and display on different screen sizes and devices.
    • you can view your website for the first time and check on subsequent progress.
  • Prepare images and content for Open Graph tags for use in social media posts, etc.
  • Set up your domain and hosting.
  • Upload the final version of your website to your hosting area and re-test.

Signing off

  • Allow you time to view, check and provide final sign off on your new website.

After launch

  • Set up an account in Google Search Console for the management of the individual pages of your website.
  • Apply Google’s tracking tag to each page of your website.
  • Submit your website and business details to Google my Business and show you how you can manage your own information such as services, hours of operation, etc., in your Google my Business account.
  • Submit your website to other search engines such as Bing and Yahoo.
  • Frequently monitor your website during a 30 days period, and make changes as necessary to maximise your effectiveness in search results.

So how much does a website cost?

There is only one realistic way that the price of a website can be given without any prior consultation, and that is to predict the amount of work based on a predefined web design package. That way you will know, even before speaking with us, what we can provide by way of design, build, features and support for a fixed price.

Fixed price web design packages

Although the steps outlined above describe our recommended approach to developing a website, it takes time and sometimes a little more commitment than some people or small business owners are able to accommodate.

However, you are the customer, and if you believe that a quick and simple website is all you need to get online, we have fixed price websites starting at just £195 for a single page website.

One page websites from just £195!

To provide you with a larger platform to promote your business and increase your chances of success in search engine results, our 4 page website packages start at just £395

4 page websites from just £395!

Learn more about the benefits of our introductory fixed price web design packages, and don't forget that we can develop your website further whenever you want, as well as provide a range of additional services to make sure your online presence is successful.

Bespoke websites and other services

Customised websites and other web services

We can of course build bespoke websites, and also offer additional services including search engine optimisation, Google Analytics and user testing.

What do you need? Let's talk!

Due to the highly customised nature of bespoke websites, it is simply not possible to provide a guide price without prior discussion about your business and the intended purpose, size and structure of your website.

However, you can be confident that all of our services are provided at reasonable prices and are supported by more than 26 years of experience.

Quotations can be provided on request, so let's talk!

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