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Web Development Resources

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Millions of programmers, designers and developers use the GitHub development platform for version control and collaboration, with tools and features such as repositories, branches, commits, and pull requests.

What is User Testing?

New website? New page? New marketing campaign? Testing your web pages to see what potential customers REALLY think could be more important than you realise!

If I'm on Facebook, do I also need a website?

Many small businesses use Facebook as their main platform to reach new customers, so if you are already on Facebook why would you need a business website?

Is your website slow?

Websites can become unbearably slow because of the way they have been built. A slow website could be the result of excessive code and images sizes

Selecting images for your website

How to avoid some of the most common pitfalls when selecting images for your website so they work well in all screen sizes.

Customers, Personas and User Stories

What are personas and how can they help us focus on what our customers want from our websites and our businesses?

What is a responsive website?

Having a responsive website will enable your website to display correctly on all screen sizes and mobile devices.

Saving money on cheap websites

How can a website add value to my business? Saving money on a cheap website is not always a good idea. You need a web designer who understands your business?

Website builders can result in slow websites

Using website builders such as WordPress and Wix can produce nice looking websites quickly and cheaply, but they can result in slow websites which might frustrate potential customers.

Why are websites so cheap?

Cheap websites? How much should a website cost? Can professional websites really be produced for such low costs, or are they likely to be missing something which could cost more in the long run?

How Important is Page Speed

Is your website slow? Page speed can be really important so it could be worth being aware of anything which is slowing your website down.

What are Website Builders?

WordPress, Wix, Squarespace, WebFlow... These are all examples of no-code website builders which can allow people who do not understand code to build a website.


OpenAllURLs is a really useful and completely free tool OpenAllURLs that allows users to open multiple URLs at the same time in any web browser

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