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Daron Harvey, owner of Targa Web Services

Targa Web Design was founded by me, Daron Harvey. I have over 25 years experience in producing websites and a range of web related roles, including design, user experience, search engine optimisation, eCommerce project management, business analysis, etc.

You can dig a little deeper on my LinkedIn page, but below is a potted history of how I started designing websites way back in 1996, and have remained engaged with web technologies ever since.

How it all started

I have been involved in building websites and a range of web related roles for over 25 years. My interests include motor sports and motor cycle racing, although my own racing days ended in my late teens when a few too many motocross injuries cause me to re-think and focus on a career.

Way back in 1996 I was looking for a new challenge. There seemed nothing newer than the web, so I downloaded a 30 day trial version of a piece software called HotMetal and I was hooked. Although the technology back then was in it's infancy compared to today, the scope seemed limitless, and over those 25+ years I have never stopped learning and evolving.

That was my introduction to building websites, and I spent the following 4 years freelancing, producing websites for various sector of industry, sports and small businesses until September 2000 when I was approached by a multi-national car rental company who were putting together a team to build and maintain their eCommerce website.

Nascar UK website - built 2000
The Tile Library website - built 1999
Omega Lifestyle website - built 1999
A selection of my early websites, circa 1999/2000

I spent the next 20 years in various roles in eCommerce, building and managing websites in 28 languages, managing internal and external sites including for a number of airline partners and affiliates, and clocking up a good number of air miles travelling between the UK and offices in various parts of the States and Europe.

Along the way I also picked up a great deal of project management, business analysis, presentation and other skills, and have now packed that wealth of knowledge and experience into Targa Web Services.

Some things never change

The capabilities back then were fairly limited, as web browsers such as Internet Explorer and Netscape were in their infancy, and connection to the internet was via painfully slow modems which took ages to download the pages and images.

It was clear back then that unless the web pages are built in such a way that they were laid out well, were readable, and people would not tire of waiting for them to display, that website would not succeed.

In many respects those fundamental principals have not changed...

Search engines

The other challenge was getting people to find the website.

Back then we had a number of search engines such as AltaVista, Lycos, Excite, Infoseek, Hotbot and Yahoo. Their methods of what allowed a website to be found by someone searching we were not fully aligned with each other, and often what worked well with one search engine was contrary to how another search engine would rank and display results.

Constant monitoring of results, tweaking code and content and then trying again a couple of weeks or even a couple of months later was a long, laborious but essential task.

So even way back then, more than 25 years ago and long before the term Search Engine Optimisation was conceived, it was clear that a lot of effort needed to be spent in getting people to find a website, and then if that effort paid off and it attracted visitors, the website needed to be worth staying on.

Like I said previously, those fundamental principals have not changed. However, people's expectations have... they want it fast and they want it now!

The importance of speed

Technology has moved on, internet speeds are way faster than back then, and the range of uses websites are now put to would seem likes science fiction to anyone using the web back in those early days.

But even if your website does well in the search results but is slow, clunky, and poorly laid out, people are not going to have the patience to stick around for more than a few seconds. When that happens, all of that time, cost and effort will have gone to waste, and if your business depends on attracting and converting customers via the web, you have a pretty big problem to fix!

So why use Targa?

Having been involved since the early days of the web, and having stayed on the journey to this present day, I have seen from both sides what works and what doesn’t.

Both sides?

Absolutely. I have been involved with building websites for more than 25 year, but I also visit other websites too, of course… every day... just like you. And you and I know that a website which is visually appealing, easy to read, quick to load, and easy to navigate is far preferable to one which isn’t.

Get in Touch

If you would like to discuss anything further, I can be reached by email or phone as follows:

    Email: daron@targaweb.com
    Phone: 01406 373511

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