Who should write the content for my website?

Many people often wonder who is responsible for writing content for their website. Should your web designer write your website content, or should you be responsible for writing it?

So... Who is responsible for writing my website content?

Some people feel that because they’re paying someone to build a website for them, the web designer should also produce the content. After all, that's part of building a website, right?

Well let’s look at what’s important here...

Your website content needs to represent your business and the services or products that you sell. So if you want that content to look like it was expertly written, and indicate to potential customers that you and your company are worth doing business with, then you as the expert are going to be far better placed to produce quality content for your website.

As a web designer, I have been asked to write something along the lines of... or been instructed to come up with a few words to describe what we do etc.

Well if I’m currently building a website for a window company, and my last few websites were for plumbers, electricians, and an accountant, how much of an expert in those professions would I need to be in order to produce acceptable website content?

In fact, if you want to differentiate yourself from your competition... which, ideally, you do... is your web designer the best person to produce the content to show why you're THE go-to company in your field?

So it makes complete sense for you to prepare your own website content, but if you’re not sure what to write or feel uncomfortable writing content, your web designer might be willing and able to read through your draft content, identify spelling errors, ask you about anything which looks ambiguous, and collaborate with you until you’re happy with the final result.

What about using AI to write web content?
You could, of course, use AI to produce your website content. But you need to give that process the attention it deserves. Some people will openly admit that they're no good at writing, or their spelling is rubbish, and so when they see what AI can produce for them at the press of a button, they might think Wow, that's far better than I could have come up with myself!

But what does that mean? AI knows more about your business, products and services than you do?

By all means use AI to generate ideas, but make sure you personalise and verify the content before using it on your website. After all, you wouldn't want your website to be making false or exaggerated claims about what you do, and nor do you want to look like your competitors who have taken the easy path to use AI to write their website content.

You might find either of these two articles about writing quality website content and creating content that your customers want useful.

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