Can you get me to the top in Google?

Everyone wants their website to be seen, but according to a survey by AHrefs, 90.63% of web pages get NO traffic from Google!

So... Can you get my website to the top in Google search results?

Let’s be clear what this means, using a fictitious plumbing company in London called DripQuick Plumbing

A search for DripQuick Plumbing is likely to place that company at the top in Google, with little effort or SEO strategy required. This is because there aren’t many companies called DripQuick Plumbing around the globe, and even fewer in London.

So yes, I could probably get you to the top in Google for something, especially if people are specifically searching for your business name.

But it depends what you want to be at the top for...

A search for plumber in london or london plumbers is a much tougher one to get to the #1 spot in Google for compared to DripQuick Plumbing.

In fact getting on pages 1, 2 or 3 is really tough because there are some very well established plumbing companies out there who will be competing for position, and some of those will be using paid search to get a prominent position above the organic (unpaid) search results.

In summary

Getting to the top in Google is a competition. You need to earn the right (or pay in some cases) to achieve a high position, and your competitors are also putting in the effort to be #1 too.

So let’s be honest here... Nobody can guarantee that they’ll get you to the top for all of the search terms you want to be found for, but without a focused SEO strategy you are unlikely to get even close.

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