Can my website be passed to another web designer?

Are you unhappy with your current web designer? There could be a number of reasons that you may need to find someone else to manage your website.

So... Can my website be transfered to a different web designer?

Sure. Sometimes people want to transfer their website to a different web designer because they're unhappy with their current web designer, need to improve their SEO, or maybe their web designer has ceased trading or is retiring through illness.

Targa will gladly talk to you about transferring your website. Transferring a website to a different web designer is quite a simple process provided that your current web designer is co-operative. Some are, and some aren't!

If you would like us to speak or write to them on your behalf, just ask and we'll be happy to help you out.

NOTE: All advice I have provided elsewhere about selecting the right web designer to build your website should apply here too.

To save repetition, read about selecting the right web designer before you start contacting a few.

You could also take advantage of our free website health check. It is completely without obligation, and that way it will give us the chance to look at your existing website, and provide you with a report on anything which needs fixing or improving.

Whether you come back to Targa or go to another web designer to handle your website, at least you will have been made aware of the health of your current website.

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