What does MVP mean?

Do you need to wait until absolutely every piece of a large web project is completed before launching? Why not determine what is absolutely essential for launch, and add more features later?

So... Minimum viable product - What does MVP mean?

MVP stands for minimum viable product.

In website terms this could apply to a large project which will take a long time to build, but the company cannot wait that long before every requirement has been implemented and all fine tuning has been done.

Some of the functionality, styling, sections, integration with other systems, etc., may all be required on completion, but those may take time and might not all be ready for the target launch date.

So you get the project live sooner, discussions can be had to determine which features of the website are launch critical and therefore MUST be in place before the first version of the website can go live.

Other features can therefore be assessed and prioritised, and the project can be broken into phases. These phases may or may not have critical dates to go live, but the MVP (Minimum Viable Product) is the version of the website containing the features essential for the initial launch.

Budget management may also be a reason to split a web development project into phases, as this could not only spread the cost, but it could allow the first version of the website to start generating income whilst the overall project development continues.

What about testing?

Testing is not only carried out to ensure that the new website, page, feature or function does what it is supposed to do, but also to ensure that there are no bugs (errors) in the new feature, or which have been caused by the introduction of the new feature.

So even though deadlines are usually tight, it is advisable not to risk cutting corners on testing, because it could turn out to be a costly mistake. Read more about website testing for an idea of what things should be included.

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