Can people spam me through my contact form?

It is a concern that website contact forms can be manually or automatically targeted by people who attempt to send things through web forms which are potentially harmful.


Website contact forms are aften targeted by people who attempt to submit things which could be harmful. They'll use both manual and automated methods to submit things including offensive content, links to malicious websites, and even scripts which are designed to take over your system.

So what can be done to minimise these risks?

So... Can I be spammed through the contact form on my website?

It’s a fact that there are some very unscrupulous people out there who will try by all means possible to spam and scam any target they choose, whether it’s a bank, social media platform, clone an account, or target the phones or laptops of individuals like you and me.

Where online contact forms are concerned, Targa takes many steps to reduce spam and malicious communication by people who attempt to send things through web forms which could be potentially harmful.

Our methods include ways designed to stop malicious robots trawling websites to find online forms and automatically filling them out and submitting them, often with junk, links and scripts added to the fields.

Capturing IP Address:
Behind the scenes, the forms on the websites of Targa clients also discretely capture the IP address of the sender.

Each web form on ALL websites produced by Targa is checked against several hundred IP addresses which are known to have previously been used in a suspicious or malicious way, and if the IP of the user’s computer matches an IP address in our blacklist, the form will be disabled on their computer to prevent them using the form.

Certain types of web form content are monitored and sanitised if necessary before being delivered by email to the owners of the website. We make it an ongoing policy to continually improve the security, functionality and stability of all new and existing forms that Targa creates and manages.

For a more in-depth view on how Targa handles contact form submission, take a look at this article on web form security

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