Are cheap websites good value?

Having a cheap website built on a tight budget might feel like a good move, but not always.

So... Are cheap websites good value?

Consider what opting for the cheapest could mean...

The web designer might be doing it for a hobby, and is therefore likely to be limited in their technical and design skills. That could, of course, be perfect for you if you’re on a very tight budget and your business isn’t dependant on your website generating enquiries, leads and sales.

Cheap websites are likely to have been built very quickly out of necessity. That could mean little attention to detail, and a That will have to do attitude to getting the job done in the time available.

That could mean a higher chance of there being problems, technical issues and design flaws... maybe it looks okay on a laptop but doesn’t work properly on mobile, or maybe some of the most important elements which help websites get found in search results have not been included or set up correctly.

If anything goes wrong, how willing is the web designer likely to be to spend the time to investigate and implement a fix, and thoroughly test it afterwards to make sure that the fix hasn’t led to another problem. Problem solving, testing and monitoring takes time, patience and experience, which are rarely top of the list for those web designers out there who can only attract business by being the cheapest.

Unless the web designer continually produces lots of cheap websites with a quick turnaround, so they can move onto the next, and the next, and the next, they might not be able to stay in business for very long, and then what will happen to your website?

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