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e-Commerce website testing and auditing

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The problem

eCommerce businesses of all sizes have websites which may have functional and design errors, causing them to underperform, frustrate customers and lose money.

The reason

Poor website performance can be attributed to faults, design flaws, substandard content, poor user experience, ineffective SEO, and many other reasons. ⇨⇨

The solution

Attention to detail and the right type and level of testing should help to avoid your customers finding problems with your website before you do!

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Website Testing ⇨

Website Auditing ⇨

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People arrive here for many different reasons, so let's help you to find the best place to start...

How can you work with Targa? ⇨

In the first instance contact us by mail or phone.

The initial conversation is completely free and without obligation, and allows each of us to discuss and understand what your needs are, and whether we’re a good fit.

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What are the benefits of outsourcing website testing? ⇨

Not all companies have dedicated testing teams, and even those that do often need help from resources elsewhere for a variety of reasons, from temporary staff and skills shortages, downsizing, or when imminent project deadlines are at risk.

To avoid risking delays or projects going live without being thoroughly tested, outsourcing to experienced testers can be a good solution.

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I want to know more about testing websites ⇨

Website testing can range from a few simple checks to see if a new page looks okay, to very meticulous and intensive functional testing to ensure that everything throughout the entire website works under all conditions.

This can also include testing the interaction with any backend systems or feeds to and from other systems.

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I need someone to test car rental websites ⇨

With more than 20 years spent in global car rental e-Commerce, we have vast experience in testing all aspects of international and independent car rental websites.

From location and vehicle selection, pricing and rate calculation, ancillaries, loyalty schemes, promotions and much more, get in touch to see how we can help you keep your car rental website error free and user friendly.

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I need help to test our e-commerce website ⇨

Whether you need your live website to be thoroughly tested from a user perspective on desktop and mobile, or whether you need user acceptance testing to be carried out in your development environment to ensure that it meets your business requirements before going live, please get in touch.

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My website needs improving ⇨

Maybe your current website simply needs a refresh, or it's not performing well, not being found in search results, or it's not converting visitors into customers.

A great place to start would be a FREE website health check.

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Search engines don't display my website ⇨

An SEO audit on your website could help identify some of the reasons that your website is under performing. It will give you some ideas which could improve your positions in search results, and then an SEO strategy can be put in place.

The best place to start would be with a FREE website audit.

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I have a website, but I need an objective opinion ⇨

Usability Testing is a great way to learn what visitors to your website think. Whilst you might think each next step is obvious, your potential customers might be getting lost and confused.

Learn more about Usability Testing to see how it can help.

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Recent reviews

It wasn’t until I met Daron from Targa Web Solutions that I even realised how different a web site can be “under the hood”.

Right from the very first meeting the attention to detail, great ideas and skill was apparent. Regular updates and ideas were sent during the building of the site, and the end result is so much better than we could have hoped for.

Having worked with various website builders over the years, my regret is I never met Daron sooner. I 100% recommended Targa Web Solutions.

Neil Gornal - PurerClean [5/5]

Web DesignWeb DesignFree Health ChecksWebsite ChecksTestingTesting

Web Design

Stand out with a distinctive website which truly reflects your brand, gains trust and engages with your customers...

ALL websites are designed and optimised to work on all screen sizes, and range from fixed price packages to completely bespoke solutions with ongoing support.

Web Design

Web Design

Free Website Health Checks

Our free website health checks focuses on some of the main pages and features on your website.

You'll then be sent a report on things such as missing pages or images, excessive image sizes and many other things which could be affecting the performance and success of your website.

Free Website Health Checks

Free Website Health Checks

Website Testing

Ever found that something suddenly stopped working properly?

Why is that? What changed? Did an update inadvertently cause something else to break?

From functional testing to usability tests, Targa has you covered...

Website Testing

Website Testing

How can Targa help?

Chatbots can bring some of the many benefits of AI to a vast number of businesses, and at Targa we're able to build the right solution for the needs of your business and your customers.

Targa has experience in website development and management dating way back to 1996, and has evolved over the years in line with changing technologies and the benefits they can bring.

AI Chatbots Website Design

Need some directions?

Let's help you to find the best place to start...

I don't know if a Chatbot will benefit my business ⇨

You’ll be surprised how many businesses can benefit from having a Chatbot added to their website.

Without your customers having to navigate around your website to look for answers, you can make it easy for them to ask your Chatbot. Then your Chatbot can response directly with the relevant information, or provide guidance to the place on your website where they can find what they’re looking for.

AI Chatbots

Will I need to move my website to Targa if I want a Chatbot? ⇨

Regardless of who built your website, and what platform it is built on, if you ask Targa to build and manage your Chatbot, all your web designer needs to do is apply a small piece of code which we can pass on to them. Simple!

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Got any other questions about chatbots? ⇨

Can a chatbot help your business? Click the link below to for answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about chatbot. They could help you to understand why more and more businesses are using AI chatbots to streamline their business and help their customers.

Chatbot FAQs

News & Questions

You might be looking for some advice or guidance which could be found in our Blogs or FAQs sections, but you're welcome to call for an informal chat to see if there's anything we can help you with.

Testing & Design Posts ⇨

From planning, content and image preparation, understanding what slows websites down, testing, SEO advice and much more, check out our growing list blogs and posts.

Blogs and Posts

FAQs for website testing, design, SEO, hosting, etc ⇨

From pricing, finding a web designer, and getting found on Google, there are plenty of questions to answer.

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What people say

Daron has the unique ability to recognize and avoid potential issues that others on the team may have overlooked. He is undaunted by large, multi-system projects and recognizes the importance of seemingly small projects being the lynchpins to facilitate not only the larger projects but to keep the daily processes running smoothly.
(L.M. via LinkedIn)

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