Website Health Checks

How a website health check can help to find areas of improvement to help your website work better...

How can website audits can help identify areas of improvement?

Why might you need website health check?

Even though you products or services might be first class, a website which is slow, confusing or overwhelming to visitors will encourage them to leave quickly. And if people leave your website without interacting, buying or making contact, you'll be losing sales and opportunities.

You don't know what you don't know!

The problem is that some issues might be causing potential customers a lot of frustration, but you might not even realise those problems exist unless you test for them, or your frustrated customers are good enough to let you know!

What can a health check find?

You can't fix problems that you don't know about, and that's why periodic website health checks can be valuable.

Visual analysis and automated inspection tools are used to find things like:

  • Layout issues on desktop, mobile and tablet
  • Broken Links, missing and oversized images
  • The presence and use of key elements to help with SEO
  • How some of the main meta-tags and semantic HTML tags have been used

Website health checks

Free or Paid Health Checks?

Free or Paid?

To help evaluate the quality of your website, Targa offers a website health check service on two levels:

Free website health checks

Our free website healthcheck will focus on some of the main pages on your website and will provide a high level report on missing pages or images, image sizes, excess code, and other things which could be affecting the performance of your website.

Comprehensive website health check

Comprehensive health check

Our comprehensive paid-for website health checks are best described as website technical audit which go deep into your website, with far more thorough checks than can be carried out in our free health check service.

Our audits can cover your entire website or specific sections which you choose to be audited.

Why Targa?

Targa's founder spent over 20 years of a 27 year long web career in international e-Commerce, from design, development, management, auditing, testing, tracking and error diagnosis.

Targa has carried out testing, audits and health checks on websites spanning many industries, from global multi-lingual eCommerce platforms to major UK retailers, and small independent businesses.

Website health checks

Free or Paid Health Checks?

Free or Paid?

There could be a whole number of things which are preventing your website from reaching it's full potential, and don't forget that things WILL change over time due to your own development work and also changes outside of your control.

Simply get in touch for a free consultation without any obligation, or if you would like to learn more about website health checks before contacting Targa, visit the links below.

Free Health Check

Full Health Check

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