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Can AI chatbots help or is it all hype?

How can an AI chatbot help your customers, gain their trust and give you a competitive edge?

Are you doing enough to advise your customers and help them find answers to their questions?

Do your customers need to be made aware of specific important information or meet certain criteria?

How do you handle this, or are you leaving your customers to figure things out for themselves and maybe suffer the consequences??

A career in eCommerce

In the digital world I could be considered a jack of all trades, but it's a title I'm proud of, because although I specialize in one particular area, a ton of experience across the board provides greater understanding and a wider perspective.

This is potted history of my career "on the web" from freelancing in the 90's to global corporate eCommerce.

It's the story of how took what I learned over 27 years and applied it to Targa e-Commerce Solutions.

No sales pitch going on here... just me being a little self indulgent and with a tale to tell!

Outsourcing testing - Why would you?

Why might you want to consider outsourcing your testing?

Not all companies have dedicated testing or QA teams, and quite often those that do might also need additional help with their testing, due to including lay-offs, downsizing, holidays, sickness, maternity leave, and so on.

This short podcast explores the benefits of outsourcing, and some of the alternative options.

Borrowing internal resources - Getting help with testing

If you need additional help with your testing, you could look to outsource and bring in some expert testing resource. Or you could enlist the help of other people from within the company.

There are pros and cons to both, but let’s look the pros and cons of "borrowing" resources from elsewhere in the company.

Daron Harvey

I'm Daron Harvey, founder of Targa Web Solutions, specialising in AI chatbot implementation, website testing, auditing & consultancy. I am now in my 28th year of professional website production, testing and eCommerce best practices, and excited about the opportunities that AI chatbots and digital assistants can bring to ourselves, our customers, and our customer's customers.
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