Website Testing

You don't know what you don't know... and that can be a problem!

Why do things seem to go wrong all by themselves?

Why do things just seem to go wrong?

Ever found that something just suddenly stopped working properly?

It happens... your phone, your laptop, your car... your website!

Why is that? What changed?

Did an update to one thing inadvertently cause something else to break?

Doesn't fill you with confidence, does it?

How confident are you about your website?

If you’re 100% sure that your website works perfectly with no errors AND provides a great user experience on all devices including mobile, then you won’t need to get in touch.

But if you have any doubts, read on!

The importance of testing

Testing is like an insurance...

Costs of building and maintaining a website vary widely, but very often the value of testing your website to make sure that it's error free and user friendly gets overlooked.

That can be risky and potentially costly!

Website testing

It looks fine to me, so why are they complaining?

It looks fine to me!

Maybe you think that it does work perfectly, but customers complain that they can't access things, buy products, or log in and update their profile.

These are classic examples of your customers finding the problems before you do, and that can be bad for your reputation and bad for business.

Despite these risks, testing is one of the many corners often cut when building and maintaining websites to a tight budget.

But mistakes shouldn't happen...
should they?

Mistakes and errors shouldn't happen, but they do.

Some website problems might be functional bugs, whilst others might be visual, such as page layout, contrast, size, colour and positioning on desktop and mobile displays.

And even when no errors are made, incompatibility problems can occur between new updates and existing functionality, and also with updates to third party APIs and plug-ins.

Website testing

There could be a whole number of things which might discourage potential customers from remaining on your website, and things WILL change over time. So what can you do about it?

Targa's testing services

Targa's founder spent over 20 years of a 27 year long web career in international e-Commerce, from design, development, management, and of course testing, bug reporting, tracking and diagnosis.

Get in touch, or if you would like to learn more about website testing before contacting Targa, visit the page below.

Website Testing

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