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How can website technical audits identify areas of improvement to help your website work better?

How can website audits help identify areas of improvement?

Why might you need a website audit?

Whether your website was built by a dedicated in-house development team, an agency producing you a completely bespoke website, or a freelancer using Wix or WordPress, most websites have room for improvement.

In fact many websites actually have technical or design issues which may be causing visitors problems, and that can result in frustration, lost business, and even complaints.

How can a website technical audit help?

A technical audit of your website aims to identify areas of improvement to help your website work better and improve customer experience.

Audits can also potentially help to improve search engine results by analysing your pages for some of the most important components and best practices for successful search engine optimisation.

Website auditing

Free or Paid Audits?

To help evaluate the quality of your website, Targa offers a website auditing service on two levels:

  • A FREE website audit, which will focus on some of the main pages on your website and provide an insight into the overall health of your website.
  • A full website audit, which is at a reasonable cost based on the size and complexity of your website. The bespoke nature of a full website audit allows it to go as broad and as deep as necessary.

Do you know where the problems are?

  • Functional errors?
  • Broken Links?
  • Confusing?
  • Cluttered?
  • Slow?
  • Works okay on desktop but not on mobile?
  • Okay on desktop but not mobile?

Website auditing

There could be a whole number of things which are preventing your website from reaching it's full potential, and don't forget that things WILL change over time due to your own development work and also changes outside of your control.

So what can you do about it?

Targa could certainly help...

Targa's website auditing services

Targa's auditing services

Targa's founder spent over 20 years of a 28 year long web career in international e-Commerce, from design, development, management, and of course auditing, testing, tracking and diagnosis.

Get in touch, or if you would like to learn more about website auditing before contacting Targa, visit the links below.

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