Website cost calculator UK

Web design costs can vary enormously. This website pricing calculator should help you to gauge how much your next website could cost...

Website costs can vary a lot. This calculator can help you work out the cost of your next website...

How much does a website cost in the UK?

Web design costs can vary enormously, and it’s almost impossible to say what the cost of a website is without guessing and risking being wildly off target!

Cheap websites can sound appealing on the surface, but they're not such a great deal if corners are cut and they attract no visitors and generate no leads or sales.

Our fixed price web design packages offer great value, or we can build fully customised bespoke websites.

And that's not all...

After experimenting with the calculator as much as you want, you can also have the estimates emailed to you, and also see how the costs can be broken down into installments!

Calculate the cost of building a website in the UK

From the list of options below, select what is most relevant to you, and submit the page for a summary and a guide costing.

You might not have all of your details finalised right now, but the calculator will at least give you an idea of costs, and will also help you to get more familiar with some of the items and features which are often missing from many cheap web design options.

And don't worry...
By using this calculator, you won't be committing to anything. It's simply a calculator for your unlimited personal use.

Some points to note

These costs do not factor in the functional nature of dynamic web pages. Any specific functional requirements you might have would need to be discussed, so please bear this in mind when using this website cost calculator.

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