AI Chatbots

AI powered chatbots and virtual assistants can help many businesses from customer service to marketing, and even staff training. How could they help your business?

AI powered chatbots and virtual assistants can help many business from customer service to sales and marketing

What can an AI chatbot do for my business?

How can an AI powered chatbot or digital virtual assistant help your business? Do you really need an AI chatbot or is it a fad which will go away soon?

Chatbots provide far more than an artificial chat, and are certainly no gimmick!

You could think of an AI chatbot as a digital virtual assistant which can be available 24/7 to help customers, answer their questions, provide product or service information, make recommendations, generate leads, and even provide customers with the means to leave a review.

Of course staff can handle those tasks, but AI chatbots can provide round the clock coverage whilst your business is either closed or your staff are busy with other things.

Your own chatbot AI virtual assistant!

Think of how your business could benefit from a round the clock assistant which could:

  • answer customer's questions
  • provide information
  • generate leads
  • book appointments
  • etc

AI Chatbot

Why would anyone want to engage with an ai chatbot online?

Having an online chat with AI might seem like science fiction and an unnecessary use of technology to some people, but the reality is that the use of AI is growing.

The number and types of business which are being impacted and which can also benefit from the use of AI is on the increase, and those doubting it's benefits could find themselves lagging behind their competitors in terms of customer service, customer experience and streamlining fundamental business processes and time-sucking admin tasks.

Can an AI chatbot improve user experience on my website?

AI chatbots can improve user experience by providing visitors to your website with quick and easy access to information which they might otherwise not find so easily.

Consider some of these benefits to the user experience on the websites for different businesses...

  • A customer is part way through a purchase, but wants to know what the delivery costs and options are.
  • A customer is renting a car and needs to quickly find information about age restrictions, insurance options, and cancellation policy.
  • A customer is booking admission tickets to an event which takes place in 2 days time. He wants to know whether the tickets will be available to print at home immediately after purchase, or will they be sent through the mail?

Those customers could ask the chatbot these questions without having to leave their current position in the buying process, which could run the risk of them having to start over and possibly even leave in frustration!

Targa's AI chatbot services

Regardless of who built and maintains your website, Targa can build and manage your Chatbot from as little as £325 (1) plus a monthly subscription starting at just £24 (2)

Your web designer will simply need to apply a small piece of code which we can pass on to them. Simple!

  1. The cost of £325 is for a deidcated AI Chatbot which is designed to handle typical questions and answers that a user might want to ask about your specific company, your products and services.
  2. The monthly subscription cost of £24 is based on the current monthly plans provided by Chatbase. Other Chatbot platforms such as VoiceFlow are available and may be better suited for your needs, and costs vary accordingly.

If you would like to know how chatbot AI could help your business, feel free to get in touch. Of course you could ask the chatbot at the bottom of your screen!

You might have questions and ideas of your own, but we might also be able to suggest quick and efficient solutions which could make a lot of different to how effectively your website serves your customers.

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