Website errors can be costly... very!

How many reasons are you giving potential customers to actually LEAVE your website without engaging?

Are you giving customers reasons to actually LEAVE your website?

Give visitors reason to stay...

How confident are you that you're giving visitors reason to stay?

Regardless of how great your products or services are, a website which is slow, confusing or overwhelming to a visitor will encourage them to leave quickly.

And if people leave your website without interacting, buying or making contact, you'll be losing sales and opportunities.

Audits can save you time, money, and even your reputation!

Do you know where the problems are?

So what's up?

  • Functional errors?
  • Broken Links?
  • Confusing?
  • Cluttered?
  • Slow?

Even with no errors, does it actually do what it's supposed to do?

Or maybe you're simply not giving the customer enough confidence to proceed.

Website auditing

Who is a website audit for?

Whether the purpose of your website is to generate leads and sales, inform, entertain or gather information, if the website doesn't meet those objectives it could be due to reasons which are either visual, technical, or both.

You might be surprised to find that some of those problems didn't previously exist, but something changed without you realising it.

Many website owners aren't even aware that those problems exist!

Make sure you find your problems before your customers do!

With over 380 checkpoints, you could say that when we conduct a website audit, it's thorough!

Website audits

You have nothing to lose!

Targa's founder spent over 20 years of a 28 year long web career in international e-Commerce, from design, development, management, testing, bug reporting, tracking and diagnosis.

Get in touch...

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