Do your web pages load slowly

Slow website? You're not alone...

Website struggling?

Is your website struggling to go?

Excessive code and images sizes could be constipating your website!

Do your web pages load slowly

Is your website constipated?

Okay, I think I'm exhausting all opportunities for toilet humour here, but there's a serious point... There are thousands of websites out there which are causing people to abandon their visit becuase the websites are so slow.

If you're a business with a slow website, this could be hurting you more than you realise, as your potential customers might not be prepared to stick around long enough to make a purchase or evaluate whatever services you offer.

They won't tell you... they'll just leave and go elsewhere.

Some key reasons why websites are slow

Websites can become constipated because of the way they have been built, so if your website is struggling to display, here are some possible reasons why.

  • Bloated code
  • Oversized images
  • Websites not optimised for mobile devices
  • Excessive links to external files and libraries for styling, fonts, plug-ins, etc.

Unfortunately a bowl of bran won't fix the problems, but there are ways to do it, and a free website healthcheck could be a good place to start.

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Do your web pages load slowly Do your web pages load slowly