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Over 26 years web experience

Targa Web Design has more than 26 years experience building and managing websites

Based in south Lincolnshire

Web Design in Bourne

Targa Web Design

Targa is only 15 miles from Bourne, with over 26 years experience in web development, website management and associated services, including:

Websites which put YOUR customer first

Putting the customer first is essential, and to get the best out of your website we need to understand:

  • What your customers need.
  • What your customers want.
  • What they expect when they reach your website.

Understanding these points could be crucial to helping your website turn visitors into customers.

Are your customers all from the Bourne area, or do you reach out to other parts of Lincolnshire or even to customers right across the UK?

You're in charge all the way

The web design process

The following steps are quite general, as the larger and more complex your website is, the more discussion and interaction there will need to be.

1: Introductory call

We can arrange a short phone or Zoom call to enable us to learn about you and your business, and what objectives you have for your new website. You can also ask questions about Targa.

Phone and Zoom calls can be very effective, but there may be good reason to meet face to face. Targa Web Services is not far from Bourne, so if you want to meet at your premises, feel free to ask.

2: Down to detail

If you have any content for your website, whether it be paragraphs of content, photos, logos, etc., you can send them over.

We can discuss the details of what each page of your website needs to contain, as well as styling, colours, and other visual aspects of your website.

3: Content for your website

Your website needs to have relevant quality content for the benefit of your customers and also for success with the search engines.

It is advisable to give serious thought to your website content, but we understand that not everyone feels comfortable producing website content.

If that is the case, we can probably help. Simply talk to us. We’ll find a way!

4: The design stage

If you already have some ideas or can suggest some existing websites that you like the look of, that would be great. But maybe you would like us to put forward some suggestions. That's fine too.

So before too much coding is done, we'll discuss some visual ideas with you, get your feedback, and then we can begin developing your new website.

5: Keeping an eye on things

You will be able to check in with us to see how your website is shaping up, and you will be given access to each page for your feedback and approval.

6: On completion

Your new website will only go live when you give us the approval to do so, and we will work with you until you're happy with it.

Besides your approval, there will be some post-launch testing and other procedures that we will carry out, which will include submission to Google and other search engines.

Your website needs to have relevant content

Whether a visitor comes to your website because they searched online, saw your web address on the side of a van, or spotted an ad in the Bourne Local, when they reach your website are they going to find what they’re looking for?

Your website content needs to be relevant and targeted, so we need to match your products or services that a potential customer needs, with the location or area which is relevant to them.

For example you might run an plumbing business in Bourne, and there will certainly be a lot of competition in searches for plumber in Bourne

So what can you do improve your chances of being found in search results?

How about considering also targeting some of your specialist services, because searches for central heating installer in Bourne or Bourne gas boilers installation are far more likely to get your website listed higher.

It is advisable to give serious thought to your website content, and we can certainly help if you feel you need some guidance.

Localised web pages can be vital

As you would expect, we also provide Search Engine Optimisation services in Bourne, so as well as targeting customers searching for your business in Bourne, it also could be to your advantage to target customers in Thurlby, Baston, Grimsthorpe and Morton with dedicated web pages.

This level of detail is typical of what would be discussed during the initial conversations we have with you.

WordPress or Code? Which is best for my business?

Many local businesses in Bourne have had their websites built with WordPress. In many cases this is because the web designer has little or no experience with web code, and only knows how to work with WordPress or similar website builder tools. This can be restrictive or even lead to problems.

Targa offers both options and can advise on the best digital platform for your needs.

Our experience in designing and building websites began long before WordPress and other website builders such as Wix and Squarespace appeared. Therefore, we know how to produce websites which load more quickly than many websites produced with website builders, and also offer greater flexibility for future design or expansion requirements.

FACT: Many web designers do not understand web code

This Targaweb.com website was hand coded with PHP, and you are likely to find that it is faster and more flexible than the average website developed on WordPress. However, a WordPress website could turn out to be right option for you.

It depends entirely on your needs, and we will not suggest that you have a WordPress website simply because that's all we are capable of building. That is most certainly not the case.

Simply phone or email us for an informal chat. It will cost you nothing.

Get in touch

If you would like to discuss anything further, feel free to reach us by email or phone as follows:

Email: info@targaweb.com     Phone: 01406 373511

Web Design in Bourne Web Design in Bourne