Websites for Electricians

Websites for Electricians

If you are looking for a professionally designed and managed website for your electrical business, and have been smart enough not to be hooked in by the myriad of misleading ads by agencies offering cheap websites which can do it all, take a look at the great value packages we have to offer and then decide.

Our Websites for Electricians package is designed to cater for electricians or small electrical businesses who need to get online with a professional website which loads quickly, works on all screen sizes, and is effective in search engine results.

You can choose between fixed price web design and flexible bespoke options to suit your budget and your needs. We call our fixed price website package Targa4Plus, which includes an impressive list of features and benefits, and with the comfort of knowing in advance what you'll be getting and exactly what cost. Our more comprehensive, flexible package is priced on case by case basis depending on your needs and the size of the website to be built.

Regardless of which web design package you choose, ALL of the websites we produce are designed to work on a range of screen sizes, devices and screen orientations.

Responsive websites for electricians
Responsive websites for electricians

Fixed Price Electrician's Website Package

Targa4Plus is our fixed price web package for electricians, which includes a 4 page website, as well as a privacy policy page, along with a range of additional features and benefits as listed here:


Your homepage will introduce your electrical company or yourself as an electrician, and will outline the range of electrical services you offer in the town or area that you operate in.

The colour scheme, images, logo and content will be your choice. There are some guidelines to follow, and these will be clearly set out by email when you enquire about the Targa4Plus electrician's web package.

Listing some of your electrical qualifications is always worth doing, along with the reassurance that you have the appropriate insurances in place. Any accreditations or memberships of electrical trade organisations such as NICEIC, Elecsa, NAPIT, etc., can also be shown here, provided that you have the necessary permissions to be able to display their logos on your website.

Services pages

These pages are where you can use a number of images to showcase your electrical work. We will also use these pages to focus on the main town or area that you operate in.

If you have a specific area of expertise or something which makes you stand out from other electricians in the area, these pages would be perfect to highlight those specialised electrical skills and services. For example you might specialise in any of the following:

  • Installation of electrical vehicle charging points
  • Newbuild electrical installations
  • Domestic electrical work
  • Commercial electrical work
  • EICRs
  • Garden and security lighting

These electrical services pages will become very significant for search engines, as the aim will be to get them listed as high as possible in search results for search terms such electrician in Kettering, electric vehicle charging point installation in Stevenage or landlord electrical testing in Luton

Contact page

The Contact page will typically include details and links for email, phone number, links (if applicable) to your Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn pages, and of course a contact form.

Making it simple to reach you

A neat and very useful feature we install on our mobile page layouts makes it really easy for your customers to call on mail you with the simple touch of a button. If you're viewing this page on mobile phone, scroll to the bottom to see these buttons for real.

Mail and Call contact buttons

Privacy Policy page

Since the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) rules were tightened a few years ago, certain things became mandatory, including consent for tracking and cookie usage on a website, amongst other things.

We will therefore always provide a privacy policy page with your website, which will be branded and formatted to match all of your other web pages.

Secure Website - SSL

All websites these days should be secure. This should be evident by the display of a padlock in the address bar of the browser, and a web address which begins with https instead of just http

Image showing https and secure website padlock

Your website with therefore come with SSL security as part of the package.


This is a special XML file which you won't physically see on your website, but it will contain links and additional information for every page on your website which the search engines will use. This will help the search engines to find, crawl and index the pages of your website, not just the homepage.

Search engines will frequently crawl your sitemap, and so by us keeping it up to date with any new or updated page information, this will indicate to the search engines which pages have been added to the site and which contain changes.

Google My Business Listing

A Google My Business listing will literally put your electrical business on the map!

Based on information you provide us, we can set up a Google my Business entry for you which can include not only your business name, but where you're based, the services you offer, the towns and villages you work in, hours you work, contact details, etc.

Not all of the information is mandatory, so if you don't want your address to be displayed, or if you don't have specific working hours, then you don't need to provide them. Furthermore, once this has been set up we can provide guidance on how you can change the information in Google my Business for yourself.

Google My Business
Google My Business
Setting up Google my Business

OG Tags

To look professional and make your website stand out, including when referenced in emails, social media, etc., we will apply OG (or Open Graph) tags, images and words to the code of your homepage and service pages, to create automated displays similar to the examples below.

For those applications which support OG tags, your website will look something like this.

404 redirects

This is something that we will set up on the hosting server which will take care of any instance when someone tries to access a page on your website which does not exist. This can happen due to miss-spelling of a page name, a broken link, etc.

This redirect will seamlessly take the user immediately to your homepage instead of them seeing an error page.


We certainly don't come up with the names of some of these features, but a Favicon is the little image you sometimes see in a web browser tab like the examples below.

It is one of those small details which will add to the professionalism of your website.

Search engine submission and Analytics

In the case of Google, we will set up an account for your website in Google Search Console, where we will be able to submit your site and monitor progress of each page to see how they’re ranking.

This foundation work will be included as part of your fixed price package, and will go hand in hand with the optional analysis we can subsequently conduct in Google Analytics for your website as part of our SEO and analysis services.

How much, and what else is included?

Just £499, which includes all of the above features and services, as well as your domain and hosting. See below for more details.

We believe we offer great value, and there is a very good reason why we're not your cheapest option. Read on...

What about really cheap websites?

We have all seen ads claiming that for just a few £££s you can boost your business with a professional website. If only everything was that simple.

Firstly these cheap websites use tools called website builders which provide a quick and easy method of building a simple website. Many of them provide templates (pre-built page styles) which allow images and text to be dragged onto the page with little effort and no need to know about code.

Whilst this sounds great, it can lead to problems such as:

  • Excessively bloated code and image sizes which can cause web pages to load very slowly and might not even work in some cases.
  • Inflexibility if layout modifications are required after the website has been published.
  • Many people who use website builders, including many web design agencies, have taken a fast track route into the web design industry thanks to website builders, and are relatively inexperienced outside of the drag and drop environment. Subsequently many of them lack the knowledge to fix problems when they occur... and they do!

Also as an electrician, please bear this in mind. I know a lot of electricians who complain that severe price undercutting for sub-standard work is hurting their business, and it feels like there is a race to the bottom which makes it difficult for the majority to sustain a living.

We all like a bargain, but a business website for less than a single small ad in local newspaper?

Bespoke Websites for Electricians

With our bespoke electrician's website package, you decide on the style and the number of pages, and we’ll come up with a competitive price.

The package will include the search engine submissions, sitemap, OG tags, etc., as described for our Targa4Plus electrician's package, but you have more of a say in the design and size of your site.

With the flexible package your website can also feature social media postings, such as specific Tweets or an automated feed directly from your Twitter timeline.

Simply contact us to discuss what you need. We will help you all the way.

Domain name and Hosting

Domain name: We will include your domain name in the cost of your package.*

Hosting: We will host your website for free on our server space for the first year.**

* Domain names are registered through a third party, and are renewable on a 12-24 month basis. After the first 12 months the renewal cost will usually be between £12 and £20, but this will depend on the domain, and whether for example you choose a domain, a .com domain or some other variation. If you happen to choose a domain which is a premium domain (which can cost silly money a bit like prestige number plates), we will let you know.

** After the first year, the cost to host your site will be in the region of about £75 per year based on the current rates. Rates do vary, and are set by the hosting company, but we will communicate up to date costs to you 4 weeks before this is due. Rest assured that always shop around for the best value hosting packages to give you the best value for money.

Building for the future

Even if you decide to take our Targa4Plus electrician's web package, you’re not locked into the three pages as described above. Any time you want to have pages added, you simply need to ask. The cost per additional page will be in proportion to the original pages, but may vary slightly depending on whether additional pages are mainly or exclusive text content, or if they need to have a number of images.

The custom or bespoke package is, by its very nature, designed to be as flexible as you want it to be. Pages, sections, images and content can be added, removed or updated as and when you need. We can even help you with promotional pages, and other ways to make a statement besides the core pages of your website.

Get in Touch

If you would like to discuss anything further, I can be reached by email or phone as follows:

    Phone: 01406 373511

Websites for Electricians Websites for Electricians