Web design services for small businesses

Websites for small businesses

Professional website?

Are you a small business owner looking for an affordable business website?

We have website packages for small businesses, with a complete web design service, SEO and ongoing support.

Are you a small business owner looking for an affordable business website?

Web design services for small businesses

Need a website for your small business

Our Websites for Small Businesses package is designed to cater for small businesses, sole traders and SMEs who need to get online with a professional website which loads quickly, works on all screen sizes, and is effective in search engine results.

Websites designed for small businesses

Fixed Price Website Package for Small Businesses

Fixed price websites for small businesses

You can choose between our fixed price web design packages, which are perfect for many small businesses, and start from as little as £295. Or you can go for a more flexible bespoke web design option to suit your budget and your needs.

Our fixed price small business website package includes an impressive list of features and benefits, and with the comfort of knowing in advance what you'll be getting and exactly what the cost of your investment will be.

Fixed price websites

Bespoke websites for small businesses

If you need a more customised flexible package than our fixed price option described above, our bespoke website package for small businesses could suit your needs and budget.

You decide on the style, number of pages, features and any additional services such as SEO, Google Analytics and Google Ads, and we'll come up with a competitive price.

In fact you can get an idea on the cost of your bespoke website with this web design price calculator, based on your personal requirements.

We will help you all the way, so simply contact us to discuss what you need.

Bespoke Web Design

Webs design for small businesses

Can I build my own website?

A perfectly understandable question.

A lot of people build their own websites to begin with, just like many people attempt their own DIY, kitchen installations, car repairs, etc.

Sometimes it will work out okay, but sometimes they'll need to call on the experts to put things right, or to pick up on the project when it gets beyond their capabilities.

But as a business owner you would probably agree that the value your clients get from the services you provide, saves them considerable time and effort by them not having to become experts in your field.

The same applies here, but you might find some guidance and ideas by using our web design cost calculator as this is likely to cover some things you haven't thought about.

Web Design Price Calculator

Why use a professional web designer?

Many people looking for cheap website design for their small business consider doing it themselves.

But then they realise the time and effort needed to decide on a web platform, learn how to use it, register their domain name, pay for hosting, source all of the materials and content needed, plan the structure and styling of their website, build their first pages and site navigation (usually through trial and error), fix the inevitable problems which always happen, and eventually launch to remarks like That will have to do for now!

Then when they realise that without an effective SEO plan their new website might not get any visitors, it's not surprising that it makes sense turn to professionals from the beginning.

Web design services for small businesses

We cover all bases of creating your website

Our job is to provide the expertise and do all the heavy lifting in our field so you can focus on doing the same for your clients. We'll be here each step of the way to discuss plans and progress, asking for your thoughts on certain aspects of your new website, and to answer any questions you might have.

That's one area where we can add value, but also remember that the actual website is just part of the plan.

SEO for Small Businesses

Besides producing websites for small businesses, we can also help to get your website as high as possible in search engine results with our Search Engine Optimisation for Small Businesses service.

SEO for Small Businesses

Domain name and hosting

Domain name: We will include your domain name in the cost of your package.

  • Domain names are renewable annually.
  • Renewal cost will usually be between £15 and £20, but this will depend on the domain, and whether for example you choose a .co.uk domain, a .com domain or some other variation.
  • If you happen to choose a domain which is a premium domain which can cost premium rates outside of our control, we will let you know.

Hosting: We will host your website for free on our server space for the first year.

  • After the first year, the cost to host your site will be in the region of about £75 per year based on the current rates.
  • Rates are set by the hosting company, but we will communicate up to date costs to you 4 weeks before this is due.
  • Rest assured that always shop around for the best value hosting packages to give you the best value for money.

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