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Do you want to generate more leads and sales by reaching more people?

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Do you want to generate more leads and sales by reaching more people?

Web Design in Wisbech

Based in Wisbech?

Get online with a professionally built website to showcase your business, and generate leads and sales. We have some great value web design packages to make your business stand out.

Targa Web Design is based just a few miles from Wisbech, with 27 years professional experience, including:

We always design websites with the main focus on the end user... YOUR customer, and place a strong emphasis on building slick, stylish, fast loading web pages which are scalable and adaptable to desktop, laptop, tablets and mobiles.

Websites which put YOUR customer first

Putting the customer first is essential, and to get the best out of your website we need to understand:

  • What your customers need.
  • What your customers want.
  • What they expect when they reach your website.

Understanding these points could be crucial to helping your website turn visitors into customers.

Are your customers all from the Wisbech area, or do you reach out to other parts of Cambridgeshire or even to customers right across the UK?

WordPress or Code?

Targa offers both options and can advise on the best one for your needs.

Our experience in designing and building websites began long before WordPress and other website builder platforms such as Wix and Squarespace appeared. Therefore, we know how to produce websites which load more quickly than many websites produced with website builders, and also offer greater flexibility for future design or expansion requirements.

This website was coded with PHP, and you're likely to find that it is faster and more flexible than the average WordPress site. But WordPress could turn out to be the right solution for you, so phone or mail for an informal chat.

This article on website builders explains more about the advantages and disadvantages of having your website built on these platforms.

Things to consider when designing a website

Search engine optimisation services for businesses in Wisbech

Your website needs to be found

People will come to your website through a number of channels, but one of the most common ways of course is via a search engine.

There are many things to be aware of when it comes to being successful with search engines, so take a look at what we can provide for search engine optimisation in Wisbech.

Your website should be visually appealing

Okay, visually appealing is subjective, but if the design looks cluttered with too many things fighting for attention, it can be confusing or distracting for visitors and you might not keep them on your website for long.

Besides clutter on the page, a lack of contrast between the font colour and background can make your page content hard to read, and this could be another reason for visitors leaving your website early.

Your website should be easy to use

Your website should be intuitive. You don’t want to confuse, overwhelm or frustrate the user. Make it simple to use, easy to navigate, and avoid some of the gimmicks, bells and whistles which detract from your potential customer finding what they came to your website for in the first place.

Your website should load quickly

Speed is important. If a user needs to wait for more than a few seconds for each page to load, they’re likely to get tired of waiting and leave.

Page load time is especially important when viewing on a mobile phone using data in a poorly served area, and this is one example of where a fast loading website will win over a slow website.

A quick loading website could be the difference between success and failure.

Your website needs to be relevant

Whether a visitor reaches your website because they have seen your web address in the Wisbech local press, on the side of a van driving around the streets of Wisbech, or they have found your website in search results, when they arrive at your website are they going to find what they’re looking for?

Does the content on your website match the products or services the potential customer is looking for, and in the location or area which is relevant to them?

For example you might run a business which covers Wisbech, but it could also be worthwhile targeting customers in surrounding towns and villages such as Leverington, Ingleborough, Guyhirn and Outwell with dedicated web pages.

It is advisable to give serious thought to your website content, and we can certainly help if you feel you need some guidance.

Website Designer for businesses in Wisbech

Mobile Friendly Responsive Websites

Your website needs to be designed to work on all screen sizes and devices, which not only includes mobile phones, but also tablets in both portrait and landscape orientations.

Website layouts need to be flexible and adaptable in this way, which in web design terms are referred to as responsive websites.

We cut no corners where designing and optimising responsive web pages is concerned.

Going the extra mile with this extra attention to detail can mean that your website will look better and load more quickly, without it being burdened by excess code and data which many websites and web design packages force mobile phones to download.

Search Engines and Responsive Websites

Whether or not a website is mobile friendly can also influence how successful that website is in search engine results. Some search engines may decide not to index a website or specific web pages at all if they're not mobile friendly!

Feel free to check out a separate article on why mobile friendly websites are so important.

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