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1 page website design

Single page websites are becoming increasingly popular for small businesses taking their first steps in establishing an online presence.

Get online with an affordable professionally built single page website.

Low cost one page websites

Why a 1 page website could be the right choice

One page websites are becoming increasingly popular, especially for small businesses taking their first steps in establishing an online presence.

If you run a small business or are planning a new start-up business, you will no doubt have been considering whether to have a website built, what it needs to contain, and how much it would cost.

You might even be wondering whether having a website is necessary if you’re already trading and have a Facebook page for your business.

Take a look at what our fixed price single page website package has to offer. You might feel that this is all you need, or you might want to consider an introductory website package with a few more pages and more room to promote your businesses and services.

ALL of the websites we produce are responsive, and optimised to load quickly and work on a range of screen sizes, devices and screen orientations.

Single page website design

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Fixed Price One Page Website Package

Targa offers a fixed price one page website package which is perfect for many small businesses. Even with just a single page, your one page website can include a range of additional features and benefits as listed here:

Single Webpage

Your single page website can introduce your business, and outline the range of services you offer in the town or area that you operate in. You will have complete flexibility on the content you display on your web page, and if you have your own photos, logos, etc., those can be tastefully incorporated into your web page design.

Including details of any relevant qualifications or certifications could be worth doing, along with the reassurance that you have the appropriate insurances in place if they're relevant to you.

Contact Form

The contact form will be positioned at the bottom of your web page, and will include fields for your potential customers contact name, email address, phone number, and a comments box. There can also be links (if applicable) to your Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn pages.

Whenever someone submits your contact form, the information they provide will be safely and securely delivered directly to your preferred email address within seconds.

All of the contact forms on websites built by Targa have extensive custom security and anti-spam features and checks built in.

Customisable colour scheme

The colour scheme, images, logo and content will be your choice. There will be some simple guidelines to follow which will make your part in the process as straight forward as possible, and these will be clearly set out by email when you enquire about the our single page web design package.

Will my website work on mobiles?

ALL of the websites we produce are designed to load quickly and work on a range of screen sizes, devices and screen orientations, and effective in search engine results.

Privacy Policy

Since the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) rules were tightened a few years ago, certain things became mandatory, including consent for tracking and cookie usage on a website, amongst other things.

Even though your website will be a single page, we will always provide privacy policy information with your website, which will displayed in an overlay when the Privacy Policy link at the bottom of your web page is clicked.

Secure Website - SSL

All websites these days should be secure. This should be evident by the display of a padlock in the address bar of the browser, and a web address which begins with https instead of just http

Image showing https and secure website padlock

Your website with therefore come with SSL security as part of the package.

Google submission and Google Search Console setup Google submission

We will set up an account for your website in Google Search Console, where we will be able to submit your new web page so that Google becomes aware of it.

Within Google Search Console we will have visibility of you web page and will be able to see when Google has crawled and indexed it. However, to increase your chances of your page being ranked high enough in search results, you may want to consider talking to us about an affordable periodic SEO plan for small businesses.

All of the above from just £295!

We believe in providing great value in everything we do, including our entry level one page websites.

From just £295 our package includes ALL of the above features and services, as well as your domain and hosting.

Single page websites for small businesses

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Who is a fixed price single page website ideal for?

Who are a single page websites ideal for?

  • Small businesses on a tight budget.
  • People or businesses who want a stylish but simple website without paying for things you don't need.
  • Price conscious businesses who want an effective way to showcase their work on a platform which is customisable enough to be able to reflect their brand.

27 years experience building websites

Why Targa

With 27 years experience in building and managing websites of all sizes, we are certain that any website which is not properly built AND supported can be detrimental to a business.

Targa has an understanding of some of the challenges that small businesses face, including the need to keep unnecessary costs to a minimum, and the difficulty in competing with already established businesses.

Domain name and Hosting

Domain name: We will include your domain name in the cost of your package.*

Hosting: We will host your website for free on our server space for the first year.**

* Domain names are registered through a third party, and are renewable on a 12-24 month basis. After the first 12 months the renewal cost will usually be between £15 and £20, but this will depend on the domain, and whether for example you choose a .co.uk domain, a .com domain or some other variation.

If you happen to choose a domain which is a premium domain (which can cost silly money a bit like prestige number plates), we will let you know.

** After the first year, the cost to host your site will be in the region of about £75 per year based on the current rates. Rates do vary, and are set by the hosting company, but we will communicate up to date costs to you 4 weeks before this is due.

Rest assured that we always shop around for the best value hosting packages to give you the best value for money.

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