Responsive web design

Mobile friendly websites to help you stand out

Mobile friendly websites

A properly designed responsive website which loads quickly and works well on mobiles is a must for your business.

A properly designed responsive website which loads quickly and works well on mobiles is a must for your business

Responsive web design

According to a report published in late 2021 by

  • Over 80% of internet users use mobile devices to surf the web.
  • 83% of mobile users expect a flawless experience whenever they visit a website with any mobile device.
  • Up to 70 percent of web traffic comes from mobile devices.
  • Google is responsible for 96% of search traffic coming from mobile.

Source: What Percentage of Internet Traffic Is Mobile in 2021?

Websites designed to fit all screen sizes

Responsive web design by Targa Web Solutions

Responsive design - why do we need it?

A one size fits all website is simply not sufficient...

Most businesses know that they need a website. Some businesses will require a website which is central to the day to day operation of their business, whilst others will simply benefit from having a website to supplement their business and showcase what they do.

In all cases it is important that those websites are responsive. Not only do they need to be designed to work correctly on desktop computers and laptops, they also need to be mobile friendly websites.

Mobile friendly websites

For a website to work properly on a mobile device, it must be designed to display correctly for the small vertical screen size. But there is more to a mobile friendly website than what it looks like...

Mobile phones, especially when accessing the internet via a mobile network, need to be free from excess data and oversize images, otherwise they will be slow and may not even work at all.

Responsive web design by Targa Web Solutions

Responsive website design for all screen sizes

Responsive website design should enable a website and all of its individual web pages to respond to screen size variations and orientations.

Desktop computers, laptop and mobiles clearly have different size screens, but their width and height proportions (or aspect ratios) can vary. This is especially the case with tablets, such as iPads and Samsung Galaxy tablets.

Tablets can be viewed in landscape (horizontal orientation) or portrait (vertical orientation), and therefore their orientation may require different ways of displaying the web pages.

Responsive websites

Bespoke responsive web design

Unlike some of the constraints that many websites built using tools such as WordPress, Wix and Squarespace have, Targa’s bespoke approach to building responsive websites allows the use of multiple versions of images if the different screen sizes and screen orientations require it.

Targa’s methods ensure that mobile devices will only load small, perfectly sized versions of images, whilst laptops and desktops will display crisp, clear high resolution images. And if tablets require different versions of an image for their portrait and landscape orientations, we will make sure that happens.

Furthermore, if some of the page content... especially headings... needs to differ between mobile and desktop displays, our bespoke approach to building responsive websites can make sure that the most appropriate version of that content is displayed for that screen size and orientation.

Responsive website designed for The SMART Squad

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