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With more than 25 years in web design, eCommerce, usability, user experience (UX) analysis, multivariate testing, etc., and being aware of trends as they have come and gone over the years, there is a lot of experience at Targa.

Coupled with a long standing passion for motorsports and knowledge of the trades, it made complete sense to bring it all together and produce websites for those niche markets, with a range of fixed price and flexible packages.

The importance of good website design

We all visit many websites to view or purchase products or services, research things, or just to browse for fun. And like you, we come across really good websites, and some which can be pretty frustrating to say the least. They might be slow to load, hard to read, or make it almost impossible to find what you’re looking for.

Most of the work we do is what is known as front end development.

In simple terms this means we do the visual layout work for websites, which includes graphic design for logos, images, etc., but the bulk of the work is in writing code using HTML, CSS and JavaScript to make the page work in web browsers.

Putting the customer first is crucial. That doesn’t just mean you as one of our potential customers, but YOUR customers. What do they want? What do they expect? What do they need? Can your website provide these answers, which for the owners of most websites means Will my website help to turn visitors into potential customers?

Our philosophy is therefore quite simple:

A good website should be attractive

I appreciate that attractive is subjective, but if the design looks cluttered with too many things all trying to grab your attention at once, or if the content uses a small font size and a lack of contrast makes it hard to read, then you might not keep that visitor on your site for very long.

Your website should be intuitive

You don’t want to confuse, overwhelm or frustrate the user. Some sound advice I came across many years ago at a Nielsen Norman UX (User Experience) Conference was Don't make them have to think and that is just a relevant today as it was then.

A website should be able to load quickly

Speed is important. If a user needs to wait for more than a few seconds for a page to load, they’re likely to get tired of waiting and leave. This is especially a problem when viewing a website on a mobile phone using data in a poorly served area.

Viewing websites on a mobile phone using data in a poorly served area is one particular case where a fast loading website will win over a website which is slow to load.

Mobile Friendly Web Design

Your website needs to work on a wide range of platforms. Website layouts need to be flexible, which in design terms is referred to as responsive web design

With the continued growth in the use of mobile devices to engage with websites, a website needs to be designed to be mobile friendly, so that the page adapts to correctly display on a mobile phone, but without the additional loads which many websites and web design packages force mobiles to download.

Responsive web design by Targa Web Services
Responsive web design by Targa Web Services

The illustration above shows how we design pages to work on a range of screensizes, devices and orientation. We cut no corners where optimising web pages is concerned, and in some cases we produce up to seven versions of a background images for a single page, we can be sure each screen variation has an optimal image from both a styling and data size perspective.

In other words they look better and load quicker.

Your website needs to be relevant

Whether a visitor reaches your site because they have seen your web address on an advert, business card, etc., or they have used a search engine and found your website in the search results, when they arrive at your website are they going to find what they’re looking for and what you want them to see?

Does the web content match what the customer was looking for, and for the location or area which matters to them?

Your website needs to be found

As I alluded to in my previous point, visitors will reach your site through a number of means, but one of the most common ways of them coming is via a search engine.

There are many considerations to be aware of when it comes to being successful with search engines, so take a look at our page about search engine optimisation for a more comprehensive overview on SEO.

Do we use Website Builders such as WordPress?

No we don’t build websites with website builders.

I have used WordPress and think it’s pretty amazing tool for people to build their own basic website, because it will allow you to create things, add things, move things, and do all sorts of clever stuff, but within the limitations of the template used. I also know of many web design agencies who use WordPress and other similar tools to build websites for their clients, but the most important thing will always be the finished product, and whether it is fit for purpose?

Here is a recent quote from a very experienced web developer I worked with for over 10 years on multinational eCommerce websites:

Lots of people don’t understand the benefit of having a fast loading, optimised site and need to be made aware of all the pros of choosing your product over a regular “off the shelf” type product.

To elaborate on that point I have produced a separate page explaining my position on website builders for more of an insight.

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