Motor Racing Websites

Motor Racing Websites

Daron Harvey, motor racing fan and owner of Targa Web Design Services

As a long standing motor racing fan and with more than 25 years experience building websites and a range of web related roles, merging passion and knowledge made a lot of sense. Daron Harvey

Throughout the year I attend as many race meetings as I can, in particular the British Touring Car Championship (BTCC), British GT, British F4 and F3, Porsche Carrera Cup, Ginettas, Minis, etc.

Motor Racing Website Design

Targa produce motorsport websites for racing drivers and teams to promote their brand, showcase their profiles, and help keep fans and followers engaged.

Jonathan Hoggard British F3 win at Donington Park
Jonathan Hoggard British F3

Brand, Profile and Sponsors

Brand and profile is so important in motorsport, especially where attracting and keeping sponsors is concerned. You owe it to your sponsors to provide an additional promotion channel besides decals and brand logos on your car, helmet and clothing.

As part of your website we can provide an online platform showing your sponsor’s association with you, helping you to promote them, displaying their logos, photos, messages of appreciation and links to their websites. All of this adds to your sponsors seeing a better return on their investment.

Race Calendar, Results and Events

Keep fans, followers and sponsors informed with information about what’s coming up and where.

And obviously you’ll be keen to share news about your progress, testing and qualifying news, race results.

Kiern Jewiss British F4

News and Updates

Timely social media postings are important before, during and after major events, but in addition your website can provide detailed summaries of pre-race and post race news, with comments from drivers, team principles, engineers, etc.

Why Targa?

We go the extra mile to build websites which are visually attractive, current, engaging, and... very importantly... easy to use.

Many websites out there, including websites for motor racing are built on platforms using website builder tools such as WordPress and Wix, but in so many cases the build methods result in grossly excessively large images and bloated code, and that ultimately means people who visit those websites may struggle to view and navigate them. Viewing them on mobile devices can especially be a problem.

Targa uses none of that, and the results are fast loading sleek attractive websites, optimised to work on all screen sizes, and backed up by over 25 years of experience.

Before you decide, a few minutes reading through this article on Website Builders and why they're slow could help you make an informed decision. You might be glad you did!

Responsive websites for motor racing
Responsive motor racing websites

Want to get in touch?

If you would like to discuss anything further, I can be reached by email or phone as follows:

    Phone: 01406 373511


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Motor Racing Websites Motor Racing Websites